The Nectar of the Daily Drams Jamaica + Trinidad

Last year, Belgian importer The Nectar bottled this blend of 7 year old T.D.L and 5 year old Worthy Park. The blend was finished in a PX cask and bottled at a hefty 70% ABV. Nose: It’s quite a dark dram, and smells the like. Cola, cherry pits and a heavy, almost burnt caramel. Hints… Continue reading The Nectar of the Daily Drams Jamaica + Trinidad

2 Official Worthy Park

Worthy Park Cask Selection – Calvados Introducing the latest release in Worthy Park’s “Special Cask Series” – the Worthy Park Calvados. Beginning its journey in ex-bourbon casks for 8 years, it was then transferred to ex-Calvados casks for another 2 years, maturing entirely in the tropical climate of Jamaica. Nose: a mix of fruits and sweets.… Continue reading 2 Official Worthy Park