Dràm Mòr Tasting

I got to know Dràm Mòr at the Whisky Festival in Ghent, 2020. Coincidentally, this was just before the whole lockdown started, face masks were reserved for medical procedures and social distancing was deleting your Facebook account. I vividly remember Kenny, one of the owners, insisting we’d try his bottles: a Caol Ila, Benriach, Glenrothes… Continue reading Dràm Mòr Tasting

Watt Whisky tasting

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting to know Watt Whisky during an online tasting. If you’re thinking “wait, Watt?”, Watt Whisky is a label of the Campbeltown Whisky Company owned by Mark and Kate Watt. Mark has had an illustrious career in the whisky industry, previously having worked for both Duncan Taylor and Cadenhead,… Continue reading Watt Whisky tasting

Johnnie Walker Ghost & Rare – Pittyvaich

Even though Johnnie Walker is the most sold Scotch blended whisky on the planet, it’s often overlooked or even looked down upon by aficionados and enthusiast customers. While admittedly it’s entry Red Label expression is more aimed at blends, a lot of their higher priced offerings are passed by as well. Black Label is still too simple, Blue Label… Continue reading Johnnie Walker Ghost & Rare – Pittyvaich