A1710 Tricentenaire

The Tricentenaire is an assemblage of different rums that were purchased by the distillery, but not necessarily distilled by them. 11 different rums aged between 6 and 20 years old were married in large French oak barrels, to be bottled at 43.9% ABV. Age: 6-20 years ABV: 43.9% ABV RumX: RX538 Nose: Peaches, and lots… Continue reading A1710 Tricentenaire

A1710 Cheval Bondieu

A1710 is a fairly new distillery located in Martinique. Their first aged products were primarily blends of rum distilled by other distilleries, but my first encounter with the distillery was through their range of unaged rums. Distillery: A1710 ABV: 51.5% Age: 18-36 months Cask: French + American Barrels RumX ID: RX1431 The Cheval Bondieu (Good Lord’s… Continue reading A1710 Cheval Bondieu