Chamarel Distillery

Mauritius has an interesting history with the production of rum. Since the production of sugar was so economically important, the production of cane juice-based rum was illegal until 2006.

The few legally operating distilleries on the island used molasses as a base for their product, but the allowance of cane juice in rum product seemingly elevated Mauritius on the global stage, with Labourdonnais opening in 2006 and Chamarel following suit in 2008.

Chamarel is owned by the Beachcombers Hotel chain, which owns around 25% of the total hotelrooms in Mauritius and is the second largest company on the Mauritian stock exchange.

The Chamarel distillery is located near the village of Chamarel, frequently visited by tourists for the Coloured Earths and it’s 95m high waterfall. The distillery tries to use all of its waste products in different ways and cuts their red and yellow sugarcane by hand.

Tasting Notes

La Maison du Rhum – Mauritius – Batch 03