WIRD – Svenska Eldvatten – 2000/2013

The Rockley still has quite a fabled history, but has just very recently been restored and should be operational at West Indies Rum Distillery, yet it’s much too soon for us to taste anything produced by that still. This release then was made to resemble what came out of the Rockley still in the 1800’s.… Continue reading WIRD – Svenska Eldvatten – 2000/2013

Sweet Empire

Sweet Empire was a Dutch punk rock band that…Oh wait, I’m not reviewing music here. Well, Sweet Empire is a rum released by the Dutch punk rock band of the same name. They released 2 batches. Batch 1 was releases in 2023 as a celebration of their 15th anniversary. Batch 2 was released a couple… Continue reading Sweet Empire

A1710 Tricentenaire

The Tricentenaire is an assemblage of different rums that were purchased by the distillery, but not necessarily distilled by them. 11 different rums aged between 6 and 20 years old were married in large French oak barrels, to be bottled at 43.9% ABV. Age: 6-20 years ABV: 43.9% ABV RumX: RX538 Nose: Peaches, and lots… Continue reading A1710 Tricentenaire

A1710 Cheval Bondieu

A1710 is a fairly new distillery located in Martinique. Their first aged products were primarily blends of rum distilled by other distilleries, but my first encounter with the distillery was through their range of unaged rums. Distillery: A1710 ABV: 51.5% Age: 18-36 months Cask: French + American Barrels RumX ID: RX1431 The Cheval Bondieu (Good Lord’s… Continue reading A1710 Cheval Bondieu

The Nectar of the Daily Drams Jamaica + Trinidad

Last year, Belgian importer The Nectar bottled this blend of 7 year old T.D.L and 5 year old Worthy Park. The blend was finished in a PX cask and bottled at a hefty 70% ABV. Nose: It’s quite a dark dram, and smells the like. Cola, cherry pits and a heavy, almost burnt caramel. Hints… Continue reading The Nectar of the Daily Drams Jamaica + Trinidad

Famille Ricci 7th Symphony

Famille Ricci is one of the newer bottlers, having started in 2019. While they do occasionally bottle single casks, their main focus is on blends and experimentation with various cask-types that are not seen all to often, creating interesting concoctions. At the recent Spirits in the Sky festival, I was finally able to try out… Continue reading Famille Ricci 7th Symphony

2 Official Worthy Park

Worthy Park Cask Selection – Calvados Introducing the latest release in Worthy Park’s “Special Cask Series” – the Worthy Park Calvados. Beginning its journey in ex-bourbon casks for 8 years, it was then transferred to ex-Calvados casks for another 2 years, maturing entirely in the tropical climate of Jamaica. Nose: a mix of fruits and sweets.… Continue reading 2 Official Worthy Park

The Whisky Jury TDL 2009/2023

The Whisky Jury, a Belgian bottler, is relatively new to the scene. Active since 2019, they’ve quickly established a reputation for prioritizing quality over quantity, despite their prolific output, with this being their 73rd release. This TDL is noted for its fruity character. It was purchased as part of a package with another Whisky Jury… Continue reading The Whisky Jury TDL 2009/2023

Dràm Mòr Tasting

I got to know Dràm Mòr at the Whisky Festival in Ghent, 2020. Coincidentally, this was just before the whole lockdown started, face masks were reserved for medical procedures and social distancing was deleting your Facebook account. I vividly remember Kenny, one of the owners, insisting we’d try his bottles: a Caol Ila, Benriach, Glenrothes… Continue reading Dràm Mòr Tasting