Sweet Empire

Sweet Empire was a Dutch punk rock band that…Oh wait, I’m not reviewing music here. Well, Sweet Empire is a rum released by the Dutch punk rock band of the same name.

They released 2 batches. Batch 1 was releases in 2023 as a celebration of their 15th anniversary. Batch 2 was released a couple of months later at their farewell show. Both are comprised of the same makeup: 5 year old Barbados (Foursquare), 2-8 year old Venezuela, 3 year old Dominican and some unaged Jamaican rum (Hampeden)

The rums were married for 4 months in an American bourbon cask. For batch 2, 20% of the rum was finished for 8 months in a Vino de Naranja octave cask.

Sweet Empire Batch 1 / 52.2% ABV

Nose: Quite fresh and fruity with intermingling and subtle notes of pear, banana, pineapple, mango and kiwi fruit. It’s accompanied by some vanilla and just a hint of funk.

Palate: More oak influence here in the form of vanilla fudge and some licorice, with the fruit taking a bit of a backseat with mainly pear and banana.

Finish: A medium long finish with oak, vanilla and sime unripe banana.

Comments: A fruity, yet accessible rum that was released at €35 a bottle. You won’t get this value from most, if not all, other spirits.

Score: 80/100

Sweet Empire Batch 2 / 52.6% ABV

Nose: The Vino de Naranja influence is clear here. More notes of orange, strawberry, fermented pineapple and Cointreau.

Palate: it drinks a bit hotter than batch 1. The Naranga influence is clear again, with notes of orange (both zest and juice), clove, papaya and lychee.

Finish: Medium long with oak tannins, oranges and black pepper.

Comments: It’s great to drink these side by side. This one drinks just a bit hotter for me.

Score: 79/100

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