Famille Ricci 7th Symphony

Famille Ricci is one of the newer bottlers, having started in 2019. While they do occasionally bottle single casks, their main focus is on blends and experimentation with various cask-types that are not seen all to often, creating interesting concoctions.

At the recent Spirits in the Sky festival, I was finally able to try out some of their blends: the Volt Face n1 and the entincingly named 7th Symphony.

The 7th Symphony is a blend of 30% 1 year old rum from Marie-Galante and 70% 4 year old Barbados. It’s a mixture of pot & column still, bottled without added sugar at 49% ABV.

The 7th Symphony name comes from the 7 different casks used. Its a mixture of new French oak, American oak, black oak, ambura, mizunara, acacia and mahogany barrels.

Nose: The first thing that strikes me is a vegetal note, unmistakenly from the Marie-Galante portion, but its softened by the Barbados. The various wood types are coming through here, create a rather unique note. There’s also some sour notes like lime and raspberry.

ABV: 49%

Casktype: French oak, American oak, black oak, ambura, mizunara, acacia, mahogany

RumX ID: RX14065

Palate: The various woods shining through here, accompanied by some baking spices, vanilla and “advocaat” (a mixture of eggs, sugar and brandy). Allow it some time in the grass and the Marie-Galante shines through on the mid palate, with some asperagus, lime and olive brine.

Finish: The woods and baking spices are joined by some cacao powder for a medium long finish

I absolutely love it when a blender or bottler creates something experimental, and the results shine through in the end product.

Score: 85/100

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