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Worthy Park Cask Selection – Calvados

Introducing the latest release in Worthy Park’s “Special Cask Series” – the Worthy Park Calvados. Beginning its journey in ex-bourbon casks for 8 years, it was then transferred to ex-Calvados casks for another 2 years, maturing entirely in the tropical climate of Jamaica.

Nose: a mix of fruits and sweets. The aroma of both red and green apples mingles with notes of pineapple and mango, creating a tropical bouquet. This is complemented vanilla custard and the hint of candy sweets.

Palate: this rum offers a gentle arrival. The initial taste of green apples is soon followed by the robust presence of oak, with hints of pineapple and lemon, adding a citrusy twist to its profile.

Finish: lingering notes of pineapple, oak, and tart apple, rounding off the tasting experience with a medium-long sweet, tangy feel.

Despite its sweetness, the Worthy Park Calvados is an easy-going drink. Its simplicity might be a tad underwhelming for me, a rum nerd, especially when one knows what Worthy Park is capable of. However, its charm lies in its straightforwardness, making it perfect for those who appreciate a sweet, simple, and casually sippable rum.

Score: 83/100

Worthy Park 12 year old Single Estate

When getting into rum about 2 years ago, Worthy Park was one of the distilleries that really grabbed my attention. It stood out with its unique blend of approachability, complexity, and uniqueness. However, I hadn’t had the chance to sample its flagship official bottling until now.

The previous 12y Single Estate was bottled at 56% ABV. However, the latest incarnation has been toned down to a still robust 50% ABV.

Nose: an intriguing blend of pineapple, vanilla custard, a hint of bubblegum, vanilla pods, coconut shavings, a touch of glue, banana, and a slight hint of olive brine. It’s an exotic mix that promises a lot.

Palate: The tropical theme continues with strong notes of banana, pineapple, some wood, a tiny hint of chili, and vanilla. The flavors meld together wonderfully, creating a truly enjoyable tasting experience.

Finish: A pleasant continuation of the palate, with banana and pineapple notes lingering. There’s a hint of tannins at the end. The finish is medium long.

The 50% ABV makes it dangerously drinkable. There’s no alcohol burn whatsoever, but the strength is more than enough to deliver a memorable tasting experience.

Score: 88/100

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