The Whisky Jury TDL 2009/2023

The Whisky Jury, a Belgian bottler, is relatively new to the scene. Active since 2019, they’ve quickly established a reputation for prioritizing quality over quantity, despite their prolific output, with this being their 73rd release.

This TDL is noted for its fruity character. It was purchased as part of a package with another Whisky Jury bottling, which will be discussed later. Distilled in a column still in 2009, it matured in the tropics for 10 years before being transferred to Europe to spend its final 3 years in a refill barrel.

The whisky is bottled without additives, coloring, or chill-filtration, at a cask strength of 62.9%. This is bottle 183/259.

Nose: A delightful mix of aromas. A fruit basket filled with apple compote, lychee, stone fruits, and a single slice of banana, all topped with coconut shavings and presented on a cedar wood tray. The various notes intertwine beautifully, providing complexity when desired but primarily being very inviting.

Palate: A robust initial taste dominated by wood spice and pepper, which is expected given the high ABV. However, it quickly gives way to the array of fruits detected on the nose.

Finish: The high ABV typically results in a lengthy finish, but this one is exceptional, lingering for over a dozen minutes and leaving you yearning for the next sip. It has notes of apple compote, cinnamon, vanilla, and a hint of tannins.

Comments: In my opinion, this rum presents an almost perfect balance and exceptional drinkability. Kudos to the Jury!

Score: 90/100

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